3D Interior design: my old collaboration with the communication agency ‘H.O.U.S.E. Comunica’

It was 2007 and I developed 6 interior designs in 3dsmax for the communication agency 'HOUSE Comunica'. The Interior Designer works on design projects in different environments and I have collected a large experience in the last 20 years: domestic household area, private and collective living spaces, public spaces (airports, ports, stations), public service areas (banks, post offices, hospitals, [...]

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3D models for free

3D models for free Get inspiration for your next digital masterpiece or discover professional 3D models for your project by browsing through my 3D models. Are you’re looking for a high-quality 3D models? I have a leading digital art library for all your needs, exclusive content not available anywhere else. Buy 3D models, textures, scenes for architectural visualization, design [...]

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TV: The first italian edu-fiction in favour of the marine environment ‘sea’ lessons with the 3D fish created by @firedream79

More than two years of working both indoors and outdoors, a real film crew consists of 20 people, more than two thousand hours dedicated to the digital effects and post-production, a cast of actors and extras of more than 40 people, a team of divers and environmental experts, psychologists, psycho-pedagogues and educators. This is not [...]

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