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Are you looking for a creative freelancer to developer your website?

Do you need a new website and don't you want to spend a lot of money? Are you looking for a creative freelancer? I have just finished another website (both code and graphic) for FR Gruppo [...]

Paris under ‪‎attacks‬ and I ran away with my friends: I thought to spend 3 days to visit the city too and instead it became one of the worst and incredible evening of my life

Hello everyone, I am safe. I am in ‪#‎Paris‬ for 2 days because of work, I thought to spend 3 days to visit the city too and instead it became one of the worst and [...]

Crazy monster

That's what I do when I have no time, and I created this crazy monster... The last few months have been full of news, and my life has changed a lot. Sometimes I have creative moment: [...]

Tutorial 3D to model a Diamond

Do you need to model a Diamond by 3D Studio Max? You girlfriend wants a Diamond but you can't buy it? ))) Maybe I won't tell you where to find money for it, but don't [...]

3D models for free

3D models for free Get inspiration for your next digital masterpiece or discover professional 3D models for your project by browsing through my 3D models. Are you’re looking for a high-quality 3D models? I have a leading digital art [...]

Think2Love – if only we can remember to think love!

The message is simple, ancient, and universal. Thinking love includes not only love of your partner, but also love of yourself, love of others, love of the earth, and love of all that is. And furthermore thinking love truly [...]

Firedream comes back

Firedream comes back ))) I am sorry my website was down for some months, but life can go down so much and quickly and is very hard to get up again. Step by step [...]

TV: The first italian edu-fiction in favour of the marine environment ‘sea’ lessons with the 3D fish created by @firedream79

More than two years of working both indoors and outdoors, a real film crew consists of 20 people, more than two thousand hours dedicated to the digital effects and post-production, a cast of actors and [...]